IT Innovations Fuel Rapid Retail Growth

Airfield Supply are known for their focus on customer experience. They hired us to help take that to the next level, with innovations in data management.

The Challenge

The company in question was facing an uphill battle as their seed-to-sale software didn’t have the flexibility to give them a full view of their multifaceted business. Without full visibility of their customer, inventory and order data between technologies they were not able to complete many of the objectives that require a higher level of compliance or automation. Efficiency wasn’t optimal, and It was slowing down their growth as the company began to scale fast this year.

The Solution

The first task was to run a security and compliance audit to identify key issues and roadmap items. Next, we implemented various caching layers to reduce latency at checkout and reduce the burden on third party APIs. These projects gave the dispensary a fully compliant infrastructure that provided them a foundation to work on a host of new projects to push the business forward while remaining compliant.

IT Innovations Fuel Rapid Retail Growth
IT Innovations Fuel Rapid Retail Growth

The Process

  • AWS security and compliance audit to identify gaps and key roadmap items
  • Managed service for continued compliance and AWS architecture
  • Implementing cache layers to reduce latency at checkout and reducing burden on third party APIs
  • Real time manifest and inventory
  • Seed to Sale integrations with ERP, Website, Salesforce, POS, OnFleet
  • Improved ticketing and receipts
  • Automated in-store experiences and check out through web application and ID scanners
  • Scoping dynamic delivery concept
  • Improving data flow, customer master account number for multiple stores when they open soon

What Success Sounds Like

Tom Woods, Systems & Supply Chain Manager, Airfield Supply

“Overall Compoze Labs has been much better to work with in terms of providing more detailed accurate estimates, working to the discussed timeline etc. They also have a much better ability to scale and reduce team size as and when our needs dictate which has helped drastically with these additional projects.”