Geo-located targeted marketing application

JBecca provides franchise marketing solutions to help them scale effectively whilst growing their brand in new locations and new markets

The Challenge

JBecca came to us with the need for their users to visualize and plan their advertisement campaigns. 

The first step was to build out a robust web application that would allow JBecca to manage the marketing and business processes for their staff. This application would allow for simple and streamlined processes for franchises to easily manage marketing channels and campaigns. One of the most valuable aspects of the new web application was the integration with a third part marketing platform to help effectively target custom audiences in specific areas.

The Solution

To realize the challenge, an AWS was implemented for the build out of the web interface to help visualize and manage the marketing calendar effectively from a simple drag and drop solution for the ability to purchase ad campaign flows.

As data from the third party marketing platform was inaccessible to anyone outside of it, we had it upload all the data files onto Google Cloud Platform Big Query. From this we then had new API’s built out and redesigned for the data ingestion to feed back to the web application.

What we have done for this project to work is cross platform as both GCP and AWS were used.

Geo-located targeted marketing application
Geo-located targeted marketing application

The Results

We created a web application that has a user-friendly flow for custom location, targeted areas, and more in depth processes such as campaign scheduling, cost breakdown and performance analytics. 

The cloud integration breaks down the data from the third party platform data and reduces the discussions on who, what and where to target. As it allows franchises to manually customize their audiences with the interactive map and seamlessly manage their advertisement campaigns. 

Franchises can now leverage the audience they want to target, whether it being current or new people they haven’t advertised to before, resulting in full control of the marketing they want to lead.

What Success Sounds Like

Cody Troop
Compoze Labs Software Engineer

There are always challenges when dealing with large amounts of data, but it’s not too often I’ve needed to manage our data, as well as planning, and communicating how the data is going to be passed between ourselves and multiple clients. In the end, I think we’ve made an interesting product that simplifies what would otherwise be a complicated process.