Unified Access Integration

Signature Concepts asked us to integrate Okta SSO with DekoNetwork to create a seamless check in experience for staff

The Challenge

Signature Concepts, a large corporate branding and merchandising company, run their client ordering processes through DecoNetwork. DecoNetwork is a management and eCommerce tool for screen printing and merchandising companies, where each end customer is given their own portal for order new merchandise.

Signature Concepts, having multiple clients, wanted to integrate their DecoNetwork client portals with their Okta Authenticator to provide their staff with a single sign on (SSO) solution. This would mean that staff did not need separate logins for each client portal and would improve security and access management. As a long-standing client of Compoze Labs, they tasked us with finding a solution.

The Solution

We built an SSO Bridge to integrate DecoNetwork with the Okta Authenticator. This provided Signature Concepts employees with an option to sign into DecoNetwork with their Okta Login via a redirect to Okta Sign In. When they log in via Okta, an authentication token with a username and encrypted password is created and sent to DecoNetwork, allowing them to sign in and use the portal. The first place that we implemented this was on the Circle K DecoNetwork portal.

Unified Access Integration
Unified Access Integration

The Results

After a successful initial release on the Circle K portal, we will roll this solution out across all of Signature Concepts client base to create a seamless login experience. This process becomes much easier once the first SSO Bridge has been created. Signature Concepts staff now don’t have to manage multiple DecoNetwork logins and access management has become easy. New staff only need one login to access what they need, and staff that have left can have access removed easily.

What Success Sounds Like

Roger Oettinger
CFO, Signature Concepts

“So far it’s been going great. Compoze Labs are able to support our full end-to-end IT needs in both hardware and software."