Reduced Operational Costs And Increased Efficiency By Outsourcing IT To Compoze Labs

Signature Concepts came to us with an ageing legacy tech stack, where IT was holding them back. Together with our partners Impact Group, we started putting the pieces in place for them to succeed.

The Challenge

Signature Concepts is a company growing fast, but without a 24/7 team of IT resources to manage an ageing legacy tech stack and growing eCommerce presence, they began to run into technical issues, ones which could very easily put customer experience at risk and see them lose out on opportunities for growth.

They didn’t have the technical expertise in-house to transition to new ERP systems, and hiring the full-time resource they’d need to cover all of their network, infrastructure and application development needs would be expensive and inefficient.

“The question was how do we first support our business need and how do we do that in the most cost-efficient manner? That’s what brought us down this path, so that we can improve our processes and ultimately reduce our operating expenses.”

The Solution

Compoze Labs’ first task was to very quickly transition from struggling on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Their infrastructure was running at 100% capacity and often breaking. The transition to the cloud gave the infrastructure the CPU and RAM it needed to run properly.

Acting as a full-service IT team for Signature Concepts, Compoze Labs’s next job was to guide and advise the Signature team on current best practices and recommend the technology to invest in that would increase efficiency across the entire business.

“Moving to more cloud-hosted applications comes the need for development expertise to integrate with some of our main customers, or to customize software in ways that work best for us.”

Reduced Operational Costs And Increased Efficiency By Outsourcing IT To Compoze Labs
Reduced Operational Costs And Increased Efficiency By Outsourcing IT To Compoze Labs

The Process

Compoze Labs’s are partnering with Impact Group to help Compoze Labs Signature Concepts streamline their processes by having a single ticketing system for all forms of IT, from infrastructure, hardware, software and Help Desk services. From now on there will be no more bouncing between services to find the sources of problems.

“The huge benefit here is that we don’t have to have someone internal coordinate this effort. Because the majority of problems involve multiple aspects of hardware and software and not having to juggle that communication saves a lot of time and effort”

“So far it’s been going great. Compoze Labs are able to support our full end-to-end IT needs in both hardware and software. Partnering with the Impact Group, they have been able to meet the full spectrum of our needs.”

What Success Sounds Like

Roger Oettinger

“I chose Compoze Labs based on the good balance between service level and cost. The service level is especially important when it comes to technology. Compoze Labs had a broad range of skill sets that met our needs in supporting our existing legacy systems and in moving towards new technology in the process."