Compoze Labs Helps To Bring Affordable Physics Education To The Digital Age With Physics LE

Physics Curriculum wanted to take on the big players in the online education space. They turned to Compoze Labs to help build a platform that punched above its weight.

The Challenge

Online teaching platforms for high schools and universities are dominated by the big publishing companies, leading to high prices and inflexible platforms that put profit over student experience.

They are set up so that teachers are locked in to using one textbook – the publisher’s – with the prospect of changing textbook meaning the unenviable task of onboarding themselves and their students with a new online platform. This takes time and energy away from teaching the things that matter – the physics. Adding to this, the costs of these platforms are excessive, as the publishing companies have a monopoly over the market, and teacher’s budgets.

Physics LE sought to disrupt the market with a flexible, universal online teaching and homework platform that put people first.

The Solution

“The first job for Compoze Labs was to get our AWS servers set up and running securely and efficiently. The most important thing was that we were set up to be scalable, so that we could manage increasing volumes of users with ease as we grew.

From there we started to research what tools we could use to author our content and physics problems, and Compoze Labs was instrumental in laying the groundwork by recommending what tools we could use.

The guys really had to understand what we were trying to achieve with this open source platform. By adding things like intermediate problem solving steps we are able to guide the student properly to learn and grow with us. The Compoze Labs team were really incredible at finding the tools that met our obscure demands!” – Dave Hilsen, Physics Curriculum Founder

Compoze Labs Helps To Bring Affordable Physics Education To The Digital Age With Physics LE
Compoze Labs Helps To Bring Affordable Physics Education To The Digital Age With Physics LE

The Process

“As we have been growing we haven’t really had to modify anything. Compoze Labs having the foresight to set our servers up correctly before we began this process has meant that we benefit in the long run with almost zero management issues. Their knowledge of AWS is exceptional. I continue to look to them and their expertise for all of our server maintenance, but they have set us up so that our platform and content authoring tools run on autopilot, which I’m really happy with – we haven’t had to add anything to the original product.”

I’d definitely recommend Compoze Labs to anyone in my position. They were very upfront and fair in their pricing, and I know from experience that they give a ton of value for their services.They worked with me on a personal basis until we met our goal together. I never felt alone in this process.

We ended up with an online learning tool that both meets student and teacher needs, which we can offer at a reasonable cost. We can now compete with the big players.” – Dave Hilsen, Physics Curriculum Founder

What Success Sounds Like

David Hilsen
Physics Curriculum Founder

“Being a small publishing company we saw the need to go digital with a teaching platform to compete with the big publishers. We began looking to the team at Compoze Labs to lay the technological groundwork for cost-effectively building a platform that we could easily scale.”