Changing The Game In Retail Customer Experience With Airfield Supply

A good retail experience wins and keeps customers. That’s why Airfield Supply went all in on making sure their customers were served, and that the data they collect is being put to use.

The Challenge

Airfield Supply is already a market leader in the cannabis space. Their vertically integrated approach, strong brand and reputation for quality products has seen them scale rapidly in California. Companies like Airfield Supply know that quality is important, but seamless customer interactions and ease of access are just as vital to building a brand that customers keep coming back to. That’s why we’ve been working for them on a number of initiatives designed to improve their customer experience both online and in-store while always staying compliant.

What most people don’t realize though is that it’s the stuff on the back end that really keeps the customer experience at the forefront. Being able to effectively manage data and make sure the right information gets to the right place, on time and accurately is what facilitates most of what we’re about to talk about below.

The Solution

Airfield Supply’s seed-to-sale management tool, Treez, does not provide a robust platform for online sales, so it was decided that Magento would be used to create an immersive online experience for clients.

We created an abstraction layer to pull and sync the varied product, inventory, and customer data from Treez into Magento (and back), ensuring that all information displayed to customers was up to date and correct in real-time.

The abstraction layer and the Magento website allowed for numerous customer experience-boosting features for Airfield Supply’s customers.

Immersive shopping

The new Airfield site features the most robust shopping platform available in cannabis. Shop by category, effect (Destination), potency, recommendations based on previous orders and more! There are a multitude of ways to shop, pages to explore and educational content to engage with – with much more to come.

Integrated multichannel customer engagement and support

Airfield is now able to provide best-in-class customer service with web live chat, SMS support, email support, Facebook chat, calling, instant translation and instant screen sharing. All part of an upgraded digital customer support suite that will help answer any customer questions or queries and help get our community over the finishing line to place their online order.

Changing The Game In Retail Customer Experience With Airfield Supply
Changing The Game In Retail Customer Experience With Airfield Supply

Proper Customer Account Management

Customers can now manage their documents via their online account, including updating their ID, adding their veteran ID or medical recommendation etc. Customers can also now manage their opt-in statuses for marketing and order notifications from their account settings. Since there is no online portal for online account management in Treez, this was handled outside of Treez by Magento and the integration layer.

Rich product content and media

Airfield have re-photographed all products as well as created immersive 360 images for a majority of products. This allows customers to interact with the product as if they were holding it and can not only rotate the product, but read every bit of text on the packaging. Product descriptions have been formatted better to provide more detail about the products, why it’s great, how to consume it as well as a little bit about the brand that produced it.

2 hour delivery experience

Through Magento we were able to connect the Airfield Supply order information with OnFleet to enable delivery of products within a 2 hour window, update customers on the status of their order and handle any issues that could arise.

LED video wall

Airfield Supply wanted to install a full-wall length LED video screen to create an engaging customer experience. Our role was to organize the back end so that we could display products by product type, pricing and present only products that were in stock, allowing staff to place bins with the corresponding product directly underneath the screen.

An Ongoing Process

Customer experience is not something that stops after a few projects. It is a continued process that needs to be considered and iterated upon as a cannabis company grows. We continue to work with Airfield Supply to ensure that the right data gets where it needs to be, correctly and on time, to ensure seamless and engaging experiences are created for customers.

What Success Sounds Like

Paul Hilsen
Managing Partner

"We're really proud of the work we have done with Airfield Supply. The integration layer we built has created new immersive retail experiences and supply chain efficiency."