Building A Seamless & Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk To Enhance Retail Journey

The Challenge

We’ve been working with them to continuously improve their captivating retail journey both online and offline. This time they came to us with the challenge of increasing the usage of the kiosks.

The main challenge was to build an interactive touch screen kiosk to work seamlessly, providing a range of services such as ID scanning, multiple payment options, and to help staff navigate the kiosk for refills or if problems arise.

The Solution

To realize their retail journey for customers, we collaborated with the designer and client over Figma to understand their design needs. We then built out the kiosk via an Electron/React App running on Windows to provide the best experience for customers.

Not only does the kiosk scan IDs and take multiple payment options. We had overcome various challenges such as runtime requirements, messaging flows variety of ‘states’ -

  • How does the machine respond if the cash machine is empty?
  • How would staff interact with the machine for replenishment?
  • If the ID scanner disconnects or crashes (and what to do in that scenario)
  • How customers can link their bank account if haven't done so already (This is something that can’t be done at a public kiosk)

The kiosk also helps prevent customers from ‘overextending’. As there are limits to how much a customer can purchase, this ensures that a customer isn't attempting to pay for an order that would exceed their limit. And in turn eliminating the chances of fines the company could receive.

Building A Seamless & Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk To Enhance Retail Journey
Building A Seamless & Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk To Enhance Retail Journey

The Results

Customer interaction is vital to building a brand that customers keep coming back to and what we have accomplished for Airfield Supply Co is a new and effective way of providing the best customer service. It allows customers to shop conveniently and safely.

“Airfield regularly sees well over 1,300 customers a day and is known for its premium retail aesthetic and innovative customer experiences — including their Tesla delivery fleet, proprietary ecommerce website, touchless pre-payment delivery solutions, experiential shopping buildouts, and nationally recognized marketing campaigns.”

Since we have been working with Airfield Supply Co to advance their processes for online and offline retail experience. Airfield Supply Co has been acquired by Gold Flora, a move that would dominate the market to move the cannabis industry forward.

What Success Sounds Like

Tom Woods
Systems & Supply Chain Manager, Airfield Supply

Compoze Labs is a key strategic partner of Airfield Supply Company and have been essential to laying the foundation for our ambitious growth in the California market