BTS Containerization & CI/CD Pipelines

BTS provide technical services for the metals industry. They have an ERP system, which they needed to modernize to ensure it could be reliably deployed onto their customer's on-premise infrastructure.

The Challenge

As part of BTS’ continued effort to modernize their existing ERP platform living on clients on-premise infrastructure, BTS wanted a deployment solution for their existing microservice pattern to build out new functionality and a deployment solution to deliver the ERP to new and existing clients.  

“Compoze was referred to us by an influencer in the Cloud Industry. Compoze was also working in the same space (ERP) as BTS-IT, Inc. The sales and the technical team seemed knowledgeable and down to earth. They understood our issues and had a strong grasp on the business and technical side of things.” - Chaitanya Addanki, General Manager, BTS

The Solution

In order to ensure the effort would not result in a large increase in operational burden, Compoze Labs containerized the microservices and established a streamlined CI/CD deployment pattern to ensure that the services could be automatically and reliably deployed. 

“An initial kick off call was set to to review the approach and the solution in detail. An estimate of different phases and clear deliverables for each phase were drawn up. A weekly review was set up and the dev team clearly explained what was done and what will be tackled next.”  - Chaitanya Addanki, General Manager, BTS

BTS Containerization & CI/CD Pipelines
BTS Containerization & CI/CD Pipelines

The Feedback

“Compoze was very responsive. The team would respond to emails reliably and we also had a weekly cadence to catch up in which we discussed project progress. They were also willing to answer general architectural questions we had.

Any unexpected changes/additions were discussed in a transparent manner and we were always kept in the loop on the project status. Finally and most importantly - clear documentation was provided at hand off so that we can maintain what was built.

The team is highly technically competent, and the technical team has the ability to talk to the clients - they can explain complex technical concepts in a simple way. They guide you to make decisions that are really in your best interest. The team also has a variety of technical expertise.”  - Chaitanya Addanki, General Manager, BTS

What Success Sounds Like

Adam Eichelkraut
Principal Engineer, Compoze Labs

"I really enjoyed working with BTS because they were open to viewing infrastructure as a product for developer teams to be a customer. By treating your infrastructure as a product, you enable your dev teams deliver their unique business value along with having power to be self service with infrastructure. BTS is continuing to track towards breaking down barriers in the development value streams, allowing for faster product iteration."