Fast-Tracking Manufacturing Operations with Software Development

Slow and manual processes affected this manufacturing company’s ability to provide the level of speed, efficiency, and service they needed for their customers and the support required for their machine operators. Based on their vision for a tech-driven future, Compoze Labs created a tablet-based digital knowledge and support hub for machine operators, featuring rapid access to critical information, live camera feeds, fault detection, real-time machine error monitoring, and comprehensive training and support.

Simplifying manufacturing operations, digitally.


In manufacturing, proper training and support for machine operators is crucial. However the industry has traditionally relied on physical, difficult-to-navigate operational manuals, leading to inconsistent machine use, time-consuming training, and an outdated, complex distribution process. Growth-oriented manufacturing companies are seeking to improve operational efficiency and deliver a top-notch, modernized operations experience with custom technology to support the needs of their operators, better serve their clients, and keep up with rapidly-evolving industry standards.


Compoze Labs created a versatile web and tablet application, directly connected to the machines, to enable flexible, seamless processes across systems for our manufacturing clients. With a constant focus on end user feedback, the team delivered a high-value solution built to solve the complexities machine operators face in their day-to-day job, improve operational efficiency for the manufacturing machine companies, and provide better and more reliable service for clients. Now, manufacturers can adapt swiftly to operational changes, scale capabilities effectively, provide an unmatched user experience, and stay at the forefront of their industry with technology that evolves with them and supports their goals now and for years to come.

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