Webinar Recap - How To Treat Your Data Like A Product

May 4, 2022

A few months back we had our first Compoze Labs Webinar on ‘How To Treat Your Data Like A Product’. We talked about why every ambitious company needs a proper integration strategy to manage new and existing technologies. And most importantly their ever growing data sources. It’s an essential part of any digital transformation framework.

Integration strategies that do this effectively put the end users of the data first, and work back from there to build a solution. This is why beginning to think of your data as if you’re building a product is so effective - as it is designed to get the maximum business value from your integration investments.

If you missed out, don't worry - you can watch the full webinar here -

In the meantime here’s a breakdown of what went down -

How To Utilize Your Customer Data

Customers want to experience great service… and we know just how to help you with that. Understanding and leveraging all of your data is vital to provide the ultimate customer journey.

Below is a short clip on this topic for you to watch and learn ✨

Your First Steps For Taking A Data Driven Approach

Want to know how to take the first steps for taking a data driven approach? The vital starting point is to learn how to tackle your most impactful data questions first, by doing this you’ll be able to successfully re-architect your existing infrastructure.

Watch the clip below to learn more about how to take the first steps -

Tackle Your Most Impactful Questions First

If you want to understand your data you need to learn how to tackle your most impactful data questions first. Knowing the answers to the questions you want to ask will will help you leverage the incremental progress and minimize the risks 🙌🏼

Want to learn more about it? Watch the clip below -

How To Capitalize On The Data You Already Have

What happens when you treat your data like a product? You have the systems in place to not only support your business but it gives you the insight and flexibility to move quickly so that you can capitalize on the data you already have.

Using Pub/Sub Integrations For Better Data Management

Integrating via a data hub with a pub/sub messaging pattern opens up a world of possibilities for better data management. It allows publishers and subscribers to act asynchronously, allowing for better systems flexibility and scalability.

Adding new systems to this integration pattern is simple and with the added centralized data hub, scaling your business has never been easier.

Problems Of The Data Swamp

Did you know that data swamps can make analysis and data retrieval challenging? If you know the signs of a data swamp, you can improve your operations and connect with your customers more efficiently.

Build Your Data Journey With Intention

When building your data journey it is important to be intentional with the questions that the business is asking before the building happens. This will ensure the product is built with the business in mind.

Following this format of intention, you'll see new and streamlined results for your business.

Watch the clip below to learn more about building with intention -

What Treating Your Data Like A Product Really Means

Taking a product mindset to your data allows you to design your ecosystem with the customer (your end user) in mind. It’s building the software that your end users really want to use. We do this by talking to them, and understanding what their business questions are. That makes it much easier to get the right answers.

Learn more in the video below -

The Big Problem With Data Lake Architecture

As you scale you end up with multiple teams, unfortunately these teams just do not know what’s going on as data isn’t being distributed as a whole. Due to lack of governance, data becomes unorganized and scattered and eventually falls into the data swamp. Having a dedicated data analytics team that isn’t connected to the business means they don’t really understand what questions are being asked by the business, or what data is really available.

Our CTO Andrew Larsen explains more in this video below -

Manage Your Data For Effective Business Insights

Set your data architecture up correctly so you can consume your data easily. Using business analytics allows true understanding of the data. You can know yourself, know your customer and have a better idea of where you should be going with your business.

Learn more about it here -

Switch To Domain-Driven Data Architecture

The most forward thinking companies are changing how they manage their data… and being domain-driven is everything! Restructure where the data lives, and who's responsible for it to get better answers to the right questions.

Learn more about domain-driven architecture in the video below -