Use Cases For Blockchain in The Medical Industry | The IoMT Series Ep 1

February 25, 2022

Compoze Labs’s medical guru Charlie Lawrence sat down with Mike McCoy from Consensys Health to talk all things healthcare and blockchain, as we begin an exploration series on digital healthcare. Here’s how their conversation went:

They discuss, among other things:

  • Why the healthcare industry has been slower to digitize than other industries.
  • How blockchain can improve data handling
  • How IoMT, blockchain and digital healthcare have different applications depending on things such as geography, culture, population density etc.
  • How digital has been readily adopted for administrative tasks and data records, but there’s a much longer journey to go before technologies like Artificial Intelligence are being used effectively and convincingly in the healthcare world.
  • How societies with a less selfish approach to data are the ones who are able to learn the most, at the fastest pace.
  • How Covid-19 has lead to an increase in remote, digital healthcare. And how the pandemic has lead to a digital shift, where people are having to come to terms with digital communication faster than before.