UI/UX: How To Do It Right | Podcast

February 25, 2022

Paul Hilsen, Managing Partner at Compoze Labs, begins a new podcast series where he discusses the business side of IT best practices. He’ll speak to business leaders in every industry to get to the bottom of why our reliance on technology is growing, what problems we can solve with it and what the future looks like, too.

This week he speaks to Kenneth Krutsch, founder and President at Krutsch Design. They talk in detail about the principles of good UI/UX, some common pitfalls for designers and the strategies that companies can employ to make sure design and function meet.

Ken runs through some great on-screen examples of what good problem solving design and strategy looks like at Krutsch, as well as walking us through his design tech stack, and real-time examples of his process when working on a  new concept.

This new podcast series is designed to shed a light on the complexities, difficulties and solutions in the world of business IT, with a leaning towards all things software development and design.