How Disney Created The Best Omni-Channel Experience

June 22, 2022

Disney really lives up to the title ‘most magical place in the world’. ✨

They know how to bring back the memories we had when we were little.

From the classics of Cinderella to Mickey Mouse.

There’s simply nothing more magical than seeing these characters we grew up with come to life at Disney Parks.

We can definitely say that aside from all the magical experiences at Disney, one other thing Disney does well is integrations.

And what sets them apart from the status quo is how they have fully leveraged technology to create an omni-channel experience. 👀

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But what exactly is an omni-channel experience for those of you that don’t know…

What an omni-channel experience does is properly connect all customer touchpoints and channels, so the customer can seamlessly move from one to another while maintaining the same seamless experience.

Disney has managed to create lifelong fans and build long lasting relationships especially at the Parks. 🙌🏼

Guests just keep on returning.

But why is this?

The MagicBand program is what allows the guests to feel fully immersed in the experience at Disney Parks.

It seamlessly integrates the physical world and the digital world together.

Talk about a stress free holiday… the MagicBand for one acts as your hotel room key.

This instantly eliminates the stress of lost keys.

How great is that?!

But let’s delve into what I find amazing about the MagicBand.

You never need to worry about losing your favorite photos with the Disney cast.

It recognises you. It knows who you are, and is able to send you your vacation photos and store them for you!

Talk about easy access.

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When exploring the resort I’m sure the less we need to look after the better. For this instance, the worry of losing your wallet on a vacation can become daunting.

With the MagicBand, you don’t even need your wallet with you.

You just simply tap and pay. It acts as a credit card and charges your room bill. So whilst you're ordering food and buying souvenirs it makes the process that much easier.

Not only that, but for the souvenirs you don't want to carry around with you. It gets sent directly to your room. How efficient is that?

This is just one magical example of how a connected omni-channel experience can do for your business.

With all the right integrations in place, Disney definitely kept the end user in mind.

Disney has created a seamless experience for their guests.

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