Compoze Labs Partners With Impact Group for One-Stop-Shop IT And Application Management

February 25, 2022

Two Minnesota-based companies have partnered to offer an all in one solution for IT and Application Management that increases business efficiency and cuts costs.

Software development and application management company Compoze Labs have partnered with IT managed services provider Impact Group to provide enterprises with an all-in-one IT management solution for helpdesk, infrastructure, networking and applications.

Gone are the days where IT issues are passed around between multiple teams and thrown over the fence for another department to deal with. Now there is one team responsible for managing, maintaining and optimising every facet of IT technology within an enterprise.

Through 24/7 monitoring and alerting, and dedicated resources to fix issues even before companies find out about them, the two Minnesota-based companies have pledged to simplify the IT management process down to a single ticketing system.

Using the proprietary management functions Compoze platform and the years of management and consulting experience between the two companies, Compoze Labs and Impact Group take the heavy lifting off companies who want to focus their energy on growing, rather than just keeping the lights on. The best part? As responsibility for all management falls under the one roof, there’s no need for an internal middleman to manage projects or find the responsible party for issues – it’s all taken care of.

In addition to management of HelpDesk, Infrastructure, networking and applications, as trusted advisors they provide support on transitioning from legacy systems to streamlined solutions, and as Signature Concepts found out recently, not just having an impact on the IT team but the way the entire company functions, with Impact Group’s High Impact Infrastructure Modernization methodology playing a big part.

As a one-stop-shop for IT management and consultancy, Compoze Labs and Impact Group provide companies with 24/7 resources, and a skill-set range that would be cost-inefficient to hire internally. Partnering with the two companies is the most cost-effective way to take your IT team into the cutting edge.

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