3 Lessons to Powering Growth with Digital Transformation

December 1, 2023

Global digital transformation spending is forecast to reach 3.4 trillion U.S. dollars by 2026, compared to 1.6 trillion dollars spent in 2022.

Yet we know that 70% of Digital Transformation projects end in failure. So why do companies keep investing?

It’s because the 30% of organizations that do achieve a winning Digital Transformation can look forward to serious growth opportunities. Here are three core lessons from unique perspectives of the Compoze Labs team to help guide your transformation success story.

Lesson 1: Prioritize Human-Centric Design

Successful digital product development is about more than technology; it's about enhancing the experiences of the humans that are striving for challenging goals, daily. Ultimately, the best way to have empathy is to walk a day in the end user’s shoes.

To create extraordinary technology solutions, applications, and integrations, always place the people who will use them at the forefront. For Compoze Labs, this means truly understanding the end users – and building a persona to become the source of truth for the solution we’re building. 

Throughout the entirety of our work, we optimize based on direct feedback to ultimately deliver a high-value solution that benefits both organizations and end users themselves.

“Empathy is the driving force behind our decisions, helping us create solutions that genuinely put the needs of the people using our technology front and center," said Adam Eichelkraut, Principal Engineer at Compoze Labs.

Lesson 2: Plan Holistically, Build Progressively

Make strategic decisions that not only address immediate challenges but also set the stage for future growth opportunities. 

Instead of simply patching individual issues, take the time to plan holistically, optimize along the way, and produce lasting results. 

“Software excellence requires balancing the need to address technical debt in a timely manner with building new innovative solutions to match the appetite of the business. Our approach follows the Scout’s rule of leaving the code cleaner than you found it, which enables the development team to deliver additional capabilities and maintain a cleaner codebase,” said Alec Larsen, Senior Software Engineer at Compoze Labs. 

Lesson 3: Deliver Value Every Step of the Way

Any technology or business leader knows today’s business world demands that value is delivered on day one of any project.  But, that’s easier said than done when dealing with layered legacy systems and conflicting business needs or perspectives.

While building solutions for the long term, it’s important to implement tangible benefits throughout the process. The Compoze Labs promise is to deliver value for clients every step of the way. The team optimizes consistently based on end user feedback, making incremental improvements with each deployment. Creating value through consistent optimization, testing, and feedback lays the groundwork for long-term adaptability and scalability.

"At Compoze Labs, we believe in delivering client value at every turn. It’s about empowering people, fostering empathy, and creating real value every step of the way. Our digital transformation work helps clients unlock growth opportunities that will continue to shape their future. It's a testament to the power of human-centric technology and the enduring impact it can have on businesses and their people." - Paul Hilsen, CEO of Compoze Labs