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Too Slow, Too Complicated, Too Many Failures. That’s how most people view enterprise integration projects. And before we existed, that was probably true. Compoze Labs was formed to change everything about the way large companies tackle technology projects.

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The Origin Story

Paul Hilsen and Andrew Larsen met as college track and field teammates, but it was through their experiences consulting at some of the world’s largest companies that Compoze Labs was born. Put simply, enterprise integration projects took too long, were too complicated, expensive, and had too many people involved. Failures were inevitable. They were convinced they needed to bring a better solution to market, and Compoze Labs was born.

Our Focus On Delivering

Tech solutions are great, but without a delivery process that has been tried and tested, it might as well not exist. We walk every customer through a three step process that ensures you, our business analysts, architects, engineers and project managers are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

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You can build anything, we make sure you build the right thing

Our years in the business have taught us that success comes from proper planning. That’s why we take so much pride in our Triple A process.

Here’s our three step process:

1. Assess

Every project starts with an assessment. This ensures that whatever we design and build, it’s the right thing for you and your goals. Read more about the assessment process here.

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Building The Technical Solution

One key issue was that DevOps teams took too long to provision infrastructure. It was often months, and millions of dollars spent, before development teams could even put their hands on keyboards. The Compoze Infrastructure Provisioning Tool was built to save up to 75% of the DevOps time and cost in any AWS digital transformation project. Compoze helps us to build integrations on rock-solid infrastructure, ensuring every project starts off on the right foot, and putting delivery entirely in the hands of our architects and engineers.

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