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The Project

Storj is a company created with the simple idea of putting unused resources to work for the purpose of making storage safer, faster, and more affordable. They provide cloud storage by leveraging the blockchain and distributed satellite infrastructure.

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The Challenge

Compoze Labs was approached to build and deliver new graphical updates to the Storj website, specifically to their Access Grant and Billing work flows.

The purpose of these new flows will help drive user engagement by providing a more modern and intuitive user interface.

The Solution

We had created new web designs specifically to enhance the user experience in the new Access Grant flow using Vue.JS.

This allowed for a more streamlined and visually appealing user experience.

We also refactored existing code to create a smaller footprint and to make it more manageable for Storj going forwards to maintain.

Alongside this we also created new designs for the new Billing Flow, we integrated this with Stripe to create a more user friendly billing dashboard.

Technologies Used


Backend DB


Front End Framework


Backend DB


Technology that distributes packets across nodes


Backend DB

Storj Coin

Storj’s proprietary cryptocurrency

The Results

User experience is vital to keep customers engaged and with a company like Storj, updating the store website was key to provide a user friendly experience and to help drive user engagement.

What Success Sounds Like

Andrew and Mitch from Compoze Labs joined our team and were able to get our custom development environment up and running very quickly. From there, they took ownership of two large UI refactors for some pages in our Vue webapp. Their Vue expertise was a great addition to the team, and their contributions allowed us to get these redesigns production-ready much more quickly than we would have been able to otherwise.

Moby Von Briesen

Storj Project Lead

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